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Please indicate if you consent to a member of staff to help apply sun screen if needed. (I will supply sunscreen clearly labelled with my child’s name.)

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A session is from 8am-9am & costs £3.50 per session.

After School Club

A session is from 3.25pm-6pm & costs £9.50 per session.

Holiday club- Open 8am-6pm

(Various sessions are available)


Please state days required: Please state preferred start date:

Please note that if your child is unable to attend for any reason a refund is not available. This is to allow us as a small business to cover all costs incurred. You must inform the KidsStop Manager of any absences to safeguard your child. You will not be charged for Bank Holidays. Snow Days-If Kidsstop is open you will be charged. If it is closed you will be charged half fees. Fees MUST be paid a month in advance and by the 1ST of every month. A charge will be applied for late payment at a rate of £5 per day. Consistently late fees may result in your child’s place being terminated at KidsStop. One months’ notice is required if you wish to terminate your place at KidsStop. The termination period must be paid whether your child attends or not. A place is not reserved until a deposit/fees are paid in full. A late charge applies at a rate of £5 per every 15 minutes you are late picking up your child.


Contact Details 

Barry Primary School
Barry Road
NN15 5JS

Tel: 01604 234576
Mobile: 07769515958

Ofsted Registration EY481252


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